Over the years we’ve had wonderful support from keen knitters around the UK, a big thank you has to go to Eileen Saunders and Linda Rogers for organising such an effort,  as well as to all the wonderful knitters, many of whom we never get to meet. We thought you may like to read about the simple act of giving a blanket….

Tadala, is  a 16 year old young mother who has been supported by the
Mother Teresa Children’s Centre Outreach team since she was pregnant. ‘My baby Shaba did not have  a comfortable blanket but I could not afford to buy one so I am very grateful’ said Tadala. ‘I have really enjoyed meeting other girls in my situation at the MTCC group and learning from each other. I have been encouraged to go back to school, and so with my mother looking after Shaba I now go in the afternoons. I want to pass my Form 4 exams and then maybe I can get a job. I want to work and buy things for my child. I love her so much.’

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