Ooooh we’re excited again here at Krizevac; this time we’re in a flap and buzzing about our new Beehive film! Our last blog launched the Mother Teresa movie showing how 1000’s of vulnerable children are benefiting from the efforts and expertise of the team in Malawi. This short film, shows how we manage to fund the children’s centre through trade and enterprise.

If you have ever donated a bike, a sewing machine or a book, this is where it goes. Not only do the resources create training and work opportunities, they generate the funds to help educate the next generation. We hope you are as impressed as we are at how the amazing Beehive team transform our donated items into hugely valuable resources.

We had great fun filming with a drone camera and we’ll forever remember the shouts of “helicopter helicopter” from the children when we were flying it. It was definitely a first for Chilomoni Township and the footage from the skies really shows how Beehive is truly at the heart of this very special community. But I am in danger of giving too much away and spoiling this amazing film; kick back, put your feet up for a few minutes and enjoy… Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise on film.

Huge thanks to Ollie Bostock and Brian Hardy for the excellent filming and editing, you’ve captured the heart and soul of Beehive. Thank you once again to our sponsors Mobal Communications Ltd for ongoing support. And last but definitely not least our congratulations and thanks to all the busy bees at Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise you are all amazing.

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