Jesus, they strip you of your clothes

strip you of your clothes

Jesus has arrived at the place of the execution and the soldiers are stripping Him. In spite of the atrocious..Read More

Jesus. they are nailing you to the cross

Nail to Cross

Everything is still, everything is silent. The vibrant blows of the hammer set the scene. Even the guards have finally..Read More

Jesus, you are dying on the cross, Immersed in atrocious pain

Dying in pain

The horizon is broken by the three crosses, and Christ is raised vertically in the center. Jesus, after having entrusted..Read More

Jesus, they take you down from the cross and entrust you to your mother

Entrust to mother

Mary cannot bear this laborious descent from the cross, her pain makes her faint. The crowd that assisted at the..Read More

Jesus, your friends put you in the tomb

Friends Tomb

The cold and heavy structure of the tomb dominates   the scene of the burial. Mary seems to light up the..Read More

Jesus, you are gloriously resurrected from the dead


Three days after the resurrection! The strong stone boulder of the tomb is nearly crumbled by the radiant light that..Read More

The Final Prayer

michiru shrine

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, O Mary! I was able to reflect on the passion with which you, united in..Read More