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Have you seen our brand new UK social enterprise yet?

We’re selling a limited edition of really top-quality fully refurbished Royal Mail bicycles. Every one you buy gives another to Malawi, which means you get a great quality bike and someone in Malawi does too.

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New products to support Krizevac

Yiyan (易言)- the new brand launched by Mobell Group to further support Krizvac Project!

Over the last decade, Mobell Group has been funding Krizevac Project helping the neediest individuals in Malawi to transform their lives. Recently, Mobell Group has launched a new brand, Yiyan (易言), to further support our project.

Yiyan (易言) is a brand designed to provide US domestic cell phone services to Chinese expatriates in the US. It offers the only post-paid US cell phone plans that serve Chinese speaking users that DOES NOT require SSN, credit history or deposit, which offers great convenience to the new arrivals. The deals that Yiyan (易言) offers are of great value at low cost. Users can get unlimited data usage from as little as $19/month. Before long, Yiyan (易言) received positive feedback from its users and started spreading out through word of mouth.

Yiyan’s business model is based on Mobell’s successful Japanese product, HanaCell (ハナセル), a brand that provides US domestic cell phone services for Japanese expatriates. HanaCell (ハナセル) has been a good listener to the market, and therefore, in the rapidly changing market, it has been quickly adapting its services to meet the needs of the customers.

Yiyan (易言): 易言美国手机卡手机套餐
HanaCell (ハナセル): アメリカ携帯電話ハナセル

在过去十多年里,Mobell集团一直支持Krizavec Project帮助非洲马拉维最需要帮助的人们改善生活。最近,Mobell集团推出了一个新品牌“易言”,预计今后通过易言品牌进一步支持我们的慈善计划。



Constructive Learning

It’s always great to hear how the donated items we send to Malawi are being used, here’s an update from Mother Teresa Children’s Centre Manager, Debbie Lawson. We love the way the team of Care Givers are observing how these “toys” are allowing the children to lead their own learning….

“I thought you might like to see some pictures of how we’ve been getting on with all of the tools you sent for us to use in daycare and play sessions. Fanuel from Construction came, firstly to look at showing staff how to use the tools, then he came to show the children in a group session.

Since then it’s been construction a go-go.  We’ve made tables for the home corner and of course the obligatory ladder (to escape???) the children are getting more motivated and creative with their ideas.  They are also thinking carefully about measuring, balancing, how to make parts of things the same, how to make them strong etc. See, the ladder even works!

This is also a great activity for caregivers to see how challenge makes great learning!

Thanks for collecting these things! Enjoy the pictures.


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