Constructive Learning

It’s always great to hear how the donated items we send to Malawi are being used, here’s an update from Mother Teresa Children’s Centre Manager, Debbie Lawson. We love the way the team of Care Givers are observing how these “toys” are allowing the children to lead their own learning….

“I thought you might like to see some pictures of how we’ve been getting on with all of the tools you sent for us to use in daycare and play sessions. Fanuel from Construction came, firstly to look at showing staff how to use the tools, then he came to show the children in a group session.

Since then it’s been construction a go-go.  We’ve made tables for the home corner and of course the obligatory ladder (to escape???) the children are getting more motivated and creative with their ideas.  They are also thinking carefully about measuring, balancing, how to make parts of things the same, how to make them strong etc. See, the ladder even works!

This is also a great activity for caregivers to see how challenge makes great learning!

Thanks for collecting these things! Enjoy the pictures.


Fanuel1  3 4 5 6 7

2 thoughts on “Constructive Learning

  1. Absolutely brilliant & such inventiveness and we in England never allow our children to touch real tools. these children & staff are superb. I know how hard it was, visited the project in 2009, and you are doing wonders….

    • Thanks Pauline! We love the fact that we can use common sense to support children in exploring how to cope with hazards.

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