Chilomoni, Blantyre

Seibo began on the Beehive campus in response to the 2015 flooding, when many houses in Chilomoni had to be rebuilt due to rain damage. Beehive responded by sending the construction team into the community to rebuild and offer temporary housing. At the same time  the Mother Teresa Children’s Centre Outreach Team surveyed the health of local children and reported that malnutrition was rife amongst under-5’s. Beehive was not in a position to provide ongoing support, however, Krizevac’s Country Director and a Japanese Volunteer decided to set up Seibo – a dedicated school feeding organisation, which is supported by fundraising in Japan. 

Seibo’s name derives from the Japanese word for ‘Our lady’. In Malawi Seibo’s official name is Seibo Maria or ‘Mother Mary’. Seibo is a registered non-profit organisation with a fundraising branch in Japan that aims to feed every hungry child in Malawi a hot meal at school. Seibo partners with local nurseries and voluntary run ‘Community Based Childcare Centres’ (CBCCs) to provide a hot meal for all school children and free nursery places for the most vulnerable. Today Seibo feeds over 15,000 children daily in nurseries & primary schools in Southern & Northern Malawi. Seibo Malawi is currently housed on Chilomoni highstreets in Plot 220, putting it at the heart of the local community. For more information on Plot 220, please follow the link below.

During the Corona virus pandemic, many local families have struggled to provide food for their families, with incomes being affected by loss of work. To help the community through this time, Seibo has expanded their feeding programme by providing bags of likuni phala flour to the most vulnerable families inthe area, enabling them to feed their children a nutritious meal at home.

‘Since Corona virus started it has been difficult to find piece work, as almost everyone has been affected financially. I am thankful to Seibo for the Likuni phala I have received today. Lucie will now eat breakfast. ‘

(Linda, A parent of one of the children on the Seibo Kids Programme.)

Social Impact

are given daily by the team for the families and children Seibo works with.

Catholic Community Support
People currently employed at Seibo, supported by many local volunteers who assist with cooking.
Job Creation

Seibo supports partner schools in providing Child Protection, Safety & Hygiene, and Early Years education training  

Quality Education

The Seibo Kids Programme offers places for the poorest of the poor at private nurseries that are fully sponsored 

Supporting the Vulnerable
"Thank you so much Seibo for always thinking about our kids and for always rendering a helping hand whenever you can. We do not take it for granted, this is a huge blessing to us. I will no longer struggle to find breakfast for my children with the likuni phala flour you have given them; this is the only nutritious food they will be having as compared to what I always get for them. God bless you"

Seibo’s aim is to ensure that all children’s lives are transformed through a school meal and education. Not only does a school meal feed children , but if feeds their minds and improves their performance at school. It encourages parents to send their children to school, safe in the knowledge that a meal is available there. It removes the sigma attached to going to school without lunch; a barrier that often prevents poor families from sending their children  to school. To ensure the children get the best possible education. Seibo works with partner schools in providing  ongoing training in Child Protection, Safety & Hygiene and Early Years Education. As many of Seibo’s nursery partners are located in rural areas where there are few qualified teachers, this is hugely beneficial to the development of the children under their care. Through the Seibo Kids Programme, Seibo fully sponsors nursery places in privately run, urban nurseries for the most vulnerable. Seibo is supported by a small army of volunteers,  who assist with the cooking in their communities. Monitoring and Evaluation procedures are in place, to measure the impact of Seibo’s work. There is a strong focus on growth monitoring, to ensure the ongoing health of all children.

Meet The Team

I’m Talitha Nyenyezi. I work as Seibo’s Programme Supervisor and I have a degree in Human Ecology. A typical day involves managing the finances; drafting grant proposals; planning & budgeting food distribution; creating community training manuals and workshops, as well as collecting data from the ‘School Meals Programme’. My favourite things about my job are serving those at the most delicate stage of a human beings life, as well as advocating for the vulnerable and seeing their lives change. It allows me to be creative through story telling, capturing life changing moments. I like that my work encourags the African philosophy of Ubuntu. 

Talitha Nyenyezi

Programme Supervisor

I am Mark Stambuli. I joined Seibo in April 2016 and work as a Field Operations Officer. I’m involved in data collection for school enrolment and attendance; monitoring of the ‘School Feeding Programme ‘; delivering firewood and food, as well as conducting meetings with nurseries, parents and community members. I very much like the Teamwork spirit Seibo has – it pulls one up when he or she is down. It is everywhere in Seibo, from Management, Donors and the entire staff. I also like working with the communities. Children need access to nursery education regardless of their background and it helps plant a culture that they will love school when they grow up. This is what Seibo is promoting.

Mark Stambuli

Field Operations Officer 

I am Priscilla Nkhoma Nhlane. I work as Seibo’s Programme Assistant. I have a degree in Human Ecology. While there is no ‘normal’ day at Seibo, my respoonsibilities include; planning the budget & distribution of  ‘Phala’ (foodstuffs); organising regular beneficiary allocation meetings, home visits & parental forums; assisting in creating training manuals and sessions for the community; compiling the ‘School Meal Programme’ data and assisting in managing the budget for special Seibo projects. My favourite thing about my job is the opportunity to interact with people from different communities. This provides me with great learning opportunities and enables me to expand my skills set.

Priscilla Nkhoma

Programme Assistant

The project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals