It may not be as warm and sunny as Malawi, but we have plenty going on here in Staffordshire if you’d like to get involved. Please give us a call if you have a morning or two spare each week, we would love to hear from you! Ongoing vacancies include:


Elephant Bike is our UK social enterprise and one of our main income generators. We need keen bicycle enthusiasts to come and help renovate thousands of former British Postal Bikes and turn them into gleaming machines for sale here in the UK. Bike mechanics are especially welcome, but don’t worry if that’s not you. As long as you are organised, fairly handy with a spanner and have a passion for bikes then this is the role for you. Our qualified bike mechanics will find you a role sorting through spares, helping with bike building or genreally keeping us organised!

Container Packers

At least once a month we load a 40foot shipping container with donated bikes, books and sewing machines. It takes us two days to load, by hand. If you’re physically fit, able to lift large quantities of equipment and if you have a couple of days a month spare, we would be grateful for all your help.

Pedal Removers

Before we ship each bike we have to make it as small as possible, this means at least 300 bikes per month have to have their pedals taken off, the handle bars turned and the front wheel removed, so if you’re handy with a spanner and can offer at least two days per month to work in either Abbots Bromley or Rugeley please give us a call.

Book Sorters

We don’t keep count of each and every book that we send to Malawi, but a rough guess is that we’ve sent over 2million so far. The books are donated by schools, churches, libraries and the general public. People struggle to find good lidded boxes (like the banana boxes you can get from supermarkets) so the books arrive here in carrier bags, suitcases and falling apart boxes. Each book is re-packed into strong small packages so that they fit in between the bikes in the container and don’t take up extra space. If you prefer work indoors, and if you have an interest in books, this is the role for you! In addition to sorting all the books for Malawi, we also list a small percentage of donated books for sale on the internet. All funds raised help us to collect more books and send them to Malawi. If you are computer literate we would welcome you to our team of internet book listers. We need all our book volunteers to be able to lift fairly heavy boxes and if you can offer us two days or more a month that would be ideal.

Krizevac Project Safeguarding Policy 2019

Zoe Kasiya, UK Resources Manager
Zoe Kasiya, UK Resources Manager