Mother Teresa Children`s Centre North

Chilomoni, Blantyre
“MTCC is my pride. It is ‘London’ in Malawi. My motivation is boosted every time I attend a class session”
(Adrian Tayipi, MTCC Extended Schools Student)
Beehive Main Campus, Chilomoni, Blantyre, Malawi
Children’s Centre / Nursery Admin, Training and Meeting Spaces
Year of Construction
2010 – 2013
Design Architect
Marty McColl
Project Architects
Rita Diametto and Giacomo Zanardo
Design Engineer
Sam Youdan
Geotechnical Engineer
Zedi Nyirenda
Project Engineers
Hendrix Mgawanaand and Hugh Rogers
Total Building Area (Approx. GEA)
Number of Storeys
Construction Cost
129,474,677 MWK for MTCC North and South
(£132,157 GBP – rate correct as of 24th August 2020)
Cost per m²
75,539 MWK/m²
(£77 GBP/m²)

“Teachers are the backbone of improved education and investment in teachers is also vital to tackle Malawi’s education quality crisis. More must be done… to train more teachers, and make improvements in infrastructure and teaching resources.”
(‘Closing the Divide’, Oxfam, 2018)

Mother Teresa Children’s Centre is located in the heart of Chilomoni, a deprived township in the Southern region of Malawi. The Northern of the two buildings which make up the Centre aims to look outward into the wider community and spread MTCC’s ethos furtherafield. The building is the hub for the ‘extended schools’ team, trained classroom leaders whose focus is to visit other nurseries in the local area and improve the standards of teaching there. Workshops are delivered to local parents on a range of subjects, from language classes, to reading, to antenatal care, and a successful teacher training course has been run from the building for a number of years.

The North building comprises a series of large, flexible, multipurpose rooms which can be used for a wide range of workshops and training sessions. In addition, the Centre’s offices, one-to-one meeting rooms and Kitchen are based in the building, forming the administrative hub to the South building’s teaching spaces. To the West of the building, a small grassed yard has been designated for outdoor training sessions and physical group activities.

The three-storey building is supported by an internal reinforced concrete frame, and clad externally with Beehive’s locally-produced ‘Hydraform’ interlocking block system. The facades are peppered with a series of misaligned box windows, which add an informal and playful effect to the exterior. A double-height entrance space, complete with soft play area, extends the playful feel of the building internally, and creates a dramatic point of entry from street level. Four rooftop chimneys are visible from the roadside; these naturally draw air out from the building and create cool, well-ventilated spaces.