We’re on a mission… Story 3

3 years ago when I came to Beehive to study Tailoring & Design my teacher, Maria, was so kind and understanding. I was going through financial problems and could not afford the tuition fee. She helped me raise funds to pay the fees and I graduated with a Diploma. I am where I am because someone sacrificed her time & resources to help me become who I am right now. Thank you BeehiveDSC_0126

We’re on a mission!

In September 2014 we held feedback workshops for 380 people in Chilomoni Township. We wanted to check if the work we’re doing with Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise is achieving its Mission Statement…..

Beehive Mission Statement
We will transform the quality of life of people in the area of the Cross on Mount Michiru. We will do this by creating jobs and enterprises, developing people’s capabilities, skills and self-development and through improving buildings and the environment. We will work to achieve sustainability through professional commercial enterprises.
Beehive is a Catholic organisation, which welcomes people of all faith and none. The core values of Beehive are:

  • Public Service & Personal Sacrifice
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Commitment to quality service, professionalism and competency
  • Equal  opportunities  & support for the most needy – the poorest of the poor.

The majority of people who came to the workshops are Beehive employees, some are people who live in the community. We asked them to tell us a positive story about when they have seen a Beehive person uphold one or more of these values. We were overwhelmed by the response. We were told about people who have sacrificed themselves to help others and how collectively Beehive is transforming Chilomoni. Over the next few weeks we’ll be blogging these positive stories. Here’s a couple to start it all off…

Story 1-
There is a man in construction department by the name of Paswell. He came all the way from the northern part of Malawi to Chilomoni to work with Beehive. When he came, he was told that Beehive was a charity organisation and he accepted this condition and began working with his whole heart. At any time, any day whether it is midnight, when there is need of his help, he work, he sacrifice himself, without claiming anything from the company. He is always humble and try to work with people in oneness. He is a man of peace and unity among the Beehive workers.busy on site

Story 2-
I can say Beehive has played a good role to myself. I was nobody and I wasn’t having a dream of being working or employed, this is very true that there is equal opportunity at Beehive. Through this opportunity I can stand now and help customers at TCR, encourage customers if that chance is given to me. Support the most needy- a very good example about this is Mother Teresa Children’s Centre, I have seen a lot of the poorest children transformed there are now in a good healthy, just because they are provided with good food.TCR